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OH NO! My beloved SP-15 has come down with the dreaded run-away speed?
syndrome. I sold and SP-10 years ago when it caught the malady (sadness)?
...but I want to hang on to my 15. Anyone know of a primary fix...new caps??
Or might it be some proprietary Technics IC, long out of production.?
Any help from this august body? Thanks.?
Lou Houck?

Lou, You might try contacting Dave Meyers at Overkill Audio.
He was selling upgrade kits for the SP-15, though a notice on his website says "as of 01-01-06, most SP-15 products are no longer available".
His website is: http://www.overkillaudioinc.com/
and there is a phone number listed on his contact page.

Good luck!
-Matt Sohn

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