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Was the nasty IC a factor in your problem?

Cary Ginell

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From: Lou <louh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: ARSCLIST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 9:38 am
Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] SP-15 FIXED!

I tool Matt's advice and contacted Dave Meyers at Overkill Audio.?
Dave talked to me on the phone, had me fetch a #2 Phillips?
screwdriver and soldering pencil then, he talked me?
through the easy fix to get my SP-15 spinning correctly?
once again... in 10 minutes...and adjusted the brake in?
the deal. No more run away speed issue. Dave is THE MAN,?
and a heck of a nice guy to boot. If you've got any audio?
issues, he is the go-to guy. Thanks Dave and thanks?
Matt Sohn for the exceptional reference!?
Lou Houck?
Rollin' Recording?
208 River Ranch Rd.?
Boerne, TX 78006?
(830) 537-5494?
(830) 537-5495 [ fax ]?
----- Original Message ----- From: "Matt Sohn" <mahatma57@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>?
To: <ARSCLIST@xxxxxxxxxxxx>?
Sent: Friday, February 20, 2009 6:02 PM?
Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] SP-15?
>>>>>OH NO! My beloved SP-15 has come down with the dreaded?
>>>>>run-away speed??
>>>>>syndrome. I sold and SP-10 years ago when it caught the?
>>>>>malady (sadness)??
>>>>>...but I want to hang on to my 15. Anyone know of a?
>>>>>primary fix...new caps???
>>>>>Or might it be some proprietary Technics IC, long out of?
>>>>>Any help from this august body? Thanks.??
>>>>>Lou Houck??
> Lou, You might try contacting Dave Meyers at Overkill Audio.?
> He was selling upgrade kits for the SP-15, though a notice?
> on his website says "as of 01-01-06, most SP-15 products are?
> no longer available".?
> His website is: http://www.overkillaudioinc.com/?
> and there is a phone number listed on his contact page.?
> Good luck!?
> -Matt Sohn?
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