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[ARSCLIST] Fwd: clearing out several A80/QC cassette-tape, open-reel machines

In case of interest I forward this:
Lou Judson • Intuitive Audio

Begin forwarded message:

We have several A80/QC cassette-tape, open-reel machines.

Most came purchased direct from mastering QC room at Sony in Carrolton, GA ....and EMI duplication room in Jacksonville, IL., as those facilities were in process of down-sizing.

Most of the machines have been sitting unused in a climate- controlled warehouse since they were removed from those facilities.

We are clearing space for a new business venture right now, and need the space that these machines occupy.

If you one or more machines for parts, this is a great opportunity.

We are open to entertain any offers for all or part of this equipment.

Thank you,

F.W. Black
ps.. we are also now accepting inquiries and offers on (many extra Studer A80 pancake checkers), (an inventory of excess SAKI / LLH duplicator heads), (spare King 2797s, Concept Design MK2000, and CD9000 cassette loaders), (a spare Apex 2-color cassette printer), (spare Scandia norelco wrappers), (a spare cassette plain paper labeler and die cutter), (a spare Emerald/PakTek Norelco J- Card&Cassette inserter), (a spare Emerald/PakTek Poly Box Cassette inserter), as well as thousands of spare parts for the above and many more duplicating, loading and packaging machines.
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