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Dear Mr. Werb:

In response to your question about the Israeli CBS LP of works by
Sternberg and Edel, there is a good chance that it was issued in 1972.
 Checking OCLC cataoguing for issue numbers in the same range, CBS S
72838 (Vocal works by Seter and Natra), one issue number earlier than
the disc in question, is dated 1972 in three different cataloguing
records.  No other issues close to this number are precisely dated in
the OCLC cataloguing records.  It is not absolutely certain that
Israeli CBS issues appeared in strictly chronological order; but 1972
is a fair estimate.

The cataloguing for CBS S 72839, estimates the publication year as
"1960's", which is possible, but questionable.

I am forwarding the cataloguing for both LP's to you, directly.


Richard Markowitz

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