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Re: [ARSCLIST] Ampex 456 and Shamrock 041 Manufacturing Specs?

At 07:37 AM 2009-02-25, Goran Finnberg wrote:
Will Prentice:

> Responding to Richard's comment that "all tape
> manufacturers seemed to have created batches of
> tape which suffered from this [i.e., SSS]"

I have never ever seen any BASF tape ever go sticky shed.

Hello, Goran,

I used to say that until my 5-year-old MRL 3.75 in/s calibration tape started to shed. Whether it is true SSS or un-sticky shed I have not confirmed, but it is leaving deposits on a head and giving me spacing loss problems. I received an email about a similar vintage MRL tape that someone had baked and it was repaired at least for a while. MRL confirmed it was SM911 from circa 2003. Now you might argue that this is Emtec tape, and I think it was, so perhaps that doesn't count, but it is the direct descendant of BASF. Perhaps Emtec loosened quality control?

I was shocked to find this SM911 shedding.

Also, I found non-sticky shed in a reel of Agfa PEM 526 from circa 1990--again a spacing loss thing.

Someone else suggested that the "never SSS" award should go to Zonal. I don't know.



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