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Re: [ARSCLIST] Anyone used the Ion/Alesis USB Tape2PC Cassette decks?

----- Original Message ----- From: "Tom Fine" <tflists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Richard:
I think this unit is too low-end. The bare minimum I'd go with would be a Tascam 2-head deck plugged right into the stock soundcard with the "consumer" $70 version of Soundforge for software. I think that gets you in the tent for under $500 if you already have a computer.
-- Tom Fine

I have always used old Sony cassette decks...which usually have mike-in jacks...!
Note that ceramic-cartridge outputs are essentially "line-level" signals (1 volt
give/take) as are the "Line Out" outputs of cassette-decks...a fact I used to use
to record my old 78's...!

Steven C. Barr

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