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[ARSCLIST] Nominate your favorite NY Metro archivist

Hello folks,

I am involved with the Archivist Round Table of Metropolitan New York
(http://www.nycarchivists.org/), and we are looking for awards
nominations of archivists in the NY metro area. Let's get some audio
people nominated! See below for details.



The Archivist Round Table of Metropolitan New York is
now seeking nominations for recipients of the following
three awards for 2009:

   *  Innovative Use of Archives
   *  Outstanding Support of Archives
   *  Archival Achievement

   These three awards will be presented to the winners
   during New York Archive's Week in October. Please
   send the name, the archive they work at, and the
   reason why you feel them deserving of one of the
   three awards to Michael Simonson, President of the
   Archivist Round Table, at msimonson@xxxxxxxxxxxx
   We have already started receiving nominations, but
   hope to receive many more in the coming weeks.

Marcos Sueiro Bal
Audio Engineer

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