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Re: [ARSCLIST] Gates broadcast cart machine -- free plus shipping

Gad, I worked with those things for years. Even had a home machine set up when I was producing my own radio programs. The problem was that the mechanism was so noisy, there was no way you could tightly hit the cart "On" button while your mike was open in the same room. You'd hear a loud "ker-chunk" when the cart engaged, and the motor sound was loud enough to pick up over the mike as well. When I worked in radio, the engineering staff made sure the cart machines were in another room and hit remotely!

Cary Ginell

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At 07:53 AM 2009-03-05, Tom Fine wrote:?
>I have a Gates model 944-6701-002 cart playback machine, set up for >mono. I don't know if this works, and don't have any documentation >for it. Here's what's present in the electronics cage:?
My rule of thumb with this:?
? Mono NAB cartridge tapes which are 2 Track Stereo configuration (audio/cue) can be better played on the reel-to-reel of your selection?
? Stereo NAB cartridge tapes which are 3-track configuration (audio/audio/cue) need the special head as, stoopidly the 43-mil centre channel is the right audio while the outside channel is cue. So if you come across a stereo machine and the head is in good condition, save that for future mounting in a good reel-to-reel machine.?
? If you come across Pacific Recorders MaxTrax TomCat cart machines, they are a special head yet again -- save it. Also, the PR TomCats use some nice components -- some may use Jensen 990 op amps and Jensen transformers. Certainly worth having for parts.?
? Otherwise--unless you're looking to make a vintage radio studio, there are (IMHO) better ways of capturing the audio entrusted to these devices. Also, most of the material are either songs for Top-40 (they were made from LPs or 45s at the station) or any announcements/commercials/etc.?
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