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[ARSCLIST] Early 1970's USA LP catalogs

Hi All:

Does anyone have copies I could borrow, or better yet digital scans of the following:

1. Angel classical LPs catalog, USA version with USA catalog numbers, circa 1970-75

2. DGG and Archiv Produktion USA catalog (ie titles in English) with USA catalog numbers, circa 1970-75

3. London (Decca) USA catalog with USA catalog numbers, circa 1970-75

4. Musical Heritage Society LP catalog, cica early 70's

5. Haydn Society LP catalog, circa early 70's

6. Nonesuch Records catalog, circa early 70's.

I think anything from the early 70's timeframe for any of these will suit my purpose. I am trying to track down information about works on a bunch of tapes that are only labelled with LP catalog numbers. Google is very time-consuming vs. looking at a catalog and not always successful.

Anything I borrow to scan, I am happy to share PDF's with whomever wants them.

-- Tom Fine

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