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Re: [ARSCLIST] Early 1970's USA LP catalogs

Another listmember was very helpful with this.

He sent me this link:

I found almost everything I need by searching on record label AND catalog number. When that didn't work record label AND composer got me in the ballpark. Most of the Arkiv titles I was hunting did not turn up at LOC, however. For DGG catalog numbers, you may have to try several different ways of writing the numbers but usually for 6-digits you type 3 numbers, space, 3 numbers and for 7 digits you type 4 numbers, space, 3 numbers. For RCA and Columbia and Angel I left off letters and just typed in the numbers and that got me to either the exact LP I was looking for or into the ballpark 90% of the time. When you get to the right item, click the link for the LCCN Permalink to get the full card catalog record, which generally has full contents of LP info (artist, works, catalog number, copyright date, etc). What blew me away was, all the obscure stuff on long-defunct labels turned right up. But not Archiv, alas.

But then, same said listmember turned up with this link:

Thanks Mike!

This is probably old hat for all you librarians out there, but I had never found a way to get to this search page and make it work for me before, so this link above was golden for me. All previous attempts to navigate the LOC searching mechanism were fruitless and frustrating. I don't know if they've improved the interface recently or if this is just a magic gateway page.

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Early 1970's USA LP catalogs

Hi All:

Does anyone have copies I could borrow, or better yet digital scans of the following:

1. Angel classical LPs catalog, USA version with USA catalog numbers, circa 1970-75

2. DGG and Archiv Produktion USA catalog (ie titles in English) with USA catalog numbers, circa 1970-75

3. London (Decca) USA catalog with USA catalog numbers, circa 1970-75

4. Musical Heritage Society LP catalog, cica early 70's

5. Haydn Society LP catalog, circa early 70's

6. Nonesuch Records catalog, circa early 70's.

I think anything from the early 70's timeframe for any of these will suit my purpose. I am trying to track down information about works on a bunch of tapes that are only labelled with LP catalog numbers. Google is very time-consuming vs. looking at a catalog and not always successful.

Anything I borrow to scan, I am happy to share PDF's with whomever wants them.

-- Tom Fine

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