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Re: [ARSCLIST] Looking for vintage open reel tape machine

While I participated and read the other responses; to draw an analogy if someone wanted to tour the country in a Model T for some reason, a new sports car just wouldn't do! I for one would love to hear the followup, and the results when it is done. It would be impolite to ask who is this (sounds a bit Tom Waits-like!) but if we can learn about it later on it would be interesting.


Lou Judson • Intuitive Audio

On Mar 7, 2009, at 6:43 PM, Eric Jacobs wrote:

Hi Paul,

A vintage mic with a tube mic preamp might get the artist the
sound they want, and then pair that up with a modern (digital)
field recorder for portability - the best of both worlds.

There are tools to mimic tape sound (ie. hiss and a bass bump)
which could be added later to get the desired effect.  Check
out Manley Labs for tube hardware from preamps to mixers and EQ.

On the other hand, maybe the artist will perform differently
knowing that it is being captured with vintage gear.  In which
case you'll need to go vintage.

And I only say the following with tongue in cheek... You could
always hide a digital recorder in a tape machine chassis and
the artist could see the tape and reels turning to get that
vintage recording mood.


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Hello Everyone,

I have a client that is looking for a vintage tube powered open reel tape
machine that is in good enough condition to take on the road and make
recordings for his next record. A full track 1/4 inch would be best. Does
anyone know of someone who sells or rents these in top condition . This is a
major recording artist that is looking to make a record with one microphone
and a tape deck.

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