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Re: [ARSCLIST] Appraisal of sound recordings

----- Original Message ----- From: "Steven Smolian" <smolians@xxxxxxxxx>
The billboard page for my new, www.recordappraiser.com page is up.
It's scope will broaden as I get time to write additional parts of it.
In prep is a segment that will cite the appropriate IRS publications and brief paragraphs about various confusing aspects of the process.
I plan to discuss when a formal appraisal is required and explain the oft-confusing self-created works.
I'm interested in knowing what you guys feel belongs there- what other confusing aspects of the process should I address?
Constructive suggestions welcomed.

Well...I have been collecting 78rpm phonorecords (and buying them as well) since
about 1974 or so...and read all the "official price guides" as they appeared...and
given the benefit of that half-vast experience in the field, I STILL can't make any
statements about the "cash value" of these artifacts that I would consider at all
accurate..?! I have bought "job lots" of them for anything from $50 on up (no
rarities,I might note) ranging from 200 up to 2500 records, for anything from
$50 to $100. Yet I see auction lists expecting minimum bids of $2 or $3,
and think back fondly to receiving auction lists with minimums of just
over a buck each...!

I have no idea what it has cost me to accumulate my 55,000(+/-) 78's, but
I would guess less that 10 grand total...?!

You're a braver man than *I* am...?!

Steven C. Barr

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