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Re: [ARSCLIST] playing 78s

IIRC the PB worked best with a stereo input to better define noise and make the choice of switching between groove sides. Better to sum the channels post-PB.

joe salerno

John Eberle wrote:
Playing 78s through an RIAA preamp basically rolls off the highs and boosts the lows dramatically altering the frequency response from what it should be . The RIAA pre-emphasis eq curve is applied during the disc cutting stage of 45 and LP record mastering . 78 RPM records were not cut with RIAA pre-emphasis ; but rather were cut mostly flat with perhaps some low end roll of to control the size of the bass groove excursions .

A simple and cheap way to playback 78 RPM records is to connect the turntable or tone arm audio out to the HI-Z microphone inputs available
on many preamps . This will give the flat response desired for 78s and a little low boost will bring the lows back in to proper perspective . Also , most cartridges in current use for playing 78s are actually stereo and of course 78s are mono . It is totally weird to hear a 78 RPM disc being played with stereo clicks and pops . The cartridge can be wired in the headshell to reproduce lateral mono modulation only . This makes the record noise a lot less and less need for the Packburn or any other analog or digital transient noise reduction and better over all quality . If anyone would like an mp3 of one of my commercial 78s reproduced in this manner , just contact me off list and I will email it to you .

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