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Re: [ARSCLIST] Ruminations on the ARSClist

----- Original Message ----- From: "George Brock-Nannestad" <pattac@xxxxxxxx>
a little over 3 years ago I was able to send the e-mail below to celebrate
10,000 postings on ARSCLIST since 2000. Now we have just reached 30,000,
obtained by the same precision I used then. Time-wise it looks like this:
The first 6 years (two months out) created 10,000 mails
The next 3 years (three months out) created 20,000 mails
These are the net data; because I suddenly started getting everything from
ARSCLIST twice I will have manually deleted between 5,000 and 10,000 mails.
It is not generated by my own mailbox, because they come with widely
different arrival times but the same time-stamp. I have tried to protest, but
there seems to be no solution. My dedication to ARSCLIST is amply
demonstrated by daily deletions of 2-16 mails.

In all likelihood, you are subscribed to ARSCLIST under two different
digital identities...! Compare the "To:" entries...if they differ,that confirms
the problem is as above...!

Steven C. Barr

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