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  • [ARSCLIST] Fats Waller aircheck set, Thomas Stern
  • [ARSCLIST] John Cage's "4'33" Is This Week's iTunes Discovery Download, Brandon Burke
  • [ARSCLIST] Sample AV Preservation Plan, Steven M. Bookman
  • [ARSCLIST] looking for Michigan State contact, Brandon Burke
  • [ARSCLIST] SACD replacement cases, Farrington, Jim
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] SSS Agfa [WAS: Ampex 456 and Shamrock 041 Manufacturing Specs?], Nigel Barrett
  • [ARSCLIST] Appraisal of sound recordings, Steven Smolian
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] SV: [ARSCLIST] PACKBURN 323A, Doug Pomeroy
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] playing 78s, joe@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • [ARSCLIST] "Country discovery is reel find", Clark Johnsen
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] Ruminations on the ARSClist, Steven C. Barr
  • [ARSCLIST] MLASCC Annual Meeting 2009 - Call for Proposals, Bryan E Cornell
  • [ARSCLIST] Mold/Mould removal question, Martin Dein
  • [ARSCLIST] Allen G. Debus, 1926-2009, David Seubert
  • [ARSCLIST] Digital archiving and OAIS SIP implementation, Eric Jacobs
  • [ARSCLIST] AES & EBU metadata specs, Ganesh . Irelan
  • [ARSCLIST] ARSC Conference 2009, Bill Klinger
  • [ARSCLIST] Congratulations, Indiana University, Richard L. Hess
  • [ARSCLIST] Commercial: Record auction closing on March 20, Hawthorn's Antique Audio
  • [ARSCLIST] unsubscribe, Glamour Puss
  • [ARSCLIST] Fwd: Music Memorabilia Show, Corinne Forstot
  • [ARSCLIST] Looking for vintage open reel tape machine, Mahern, Paul Cantwell
  • [ARSCLIST] March Issue of Black Grooves, Nelson-Strauss, Brenda
  • [ARSCLIST] Einstürzende Neubauten, B. George
  • [ARSCLIST] film music recording resource wanted, Thomas Stern
  • [ARSCLIST] Nominate your favorite NY Metro archivist, Marcos Sueiro Bal
  • [ARSCLIST] "RCA" classical Lps, Roger and Allison Kulp
  • [ARSCLIST] Planets Long-term Management of Information Survey, Planets Project News Update
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] Kempff on Brunswick, Russell W. Miller
  • [ARSCLIST] old cylinder?, AllenAmet

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