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Re: [ARSCLIST] Re print-thru

Actually my experience has been that you should never run and store the tape in any shuttle mode as the tape is wound much tighter and this increases print through. The suggestion for storage has been tails out played in real time. The real time speed does not pack the wind as tightly.


Doug Pomeroy wrote:
Yes, running the tape from end to end at high speed will reduce
print-thru somewhat, according to 3M.  Not exactly a cure, but
every little bit helps.


This is called "print through" where the signal on one layer of a=20
tape impresses itself onto adjacent layers of the tape. In rare=20
instances, you can hear things repeat more than once.

The time difference between the original and the image is once around
the reel.

Sometimes this can be cured by winding the tape through and letting=20
it sit for a few days.

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