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Re: [ARSCLIST] Fats Waller aircheck set

Thomas Stern wrote:

> My recollection is it was large (10 cd) & cheap (a few dollars per disc
> i.e. $20-$40 price range).
> Perhaps the "Documents" or similar bootleg label.

Documents is not a cheap label. Their discs are relatively expensive. ProperBox is more in the category you are discussing.

And be careful how you toss around the term "bootleg". This term ONLY refers to the unauthorized issuing of recordings not meant to be issued or not yet issued by the original owner. A "Pirate" issue is an unauthorized re-issue of a previously issued recording. That is generally what Documents, JSP, Naxos, etc. are doing, but it is legal in their countries because of the sensible copyright laws there. Of course when unissued alternate takes and unissued broadcast air-checks are included, those tracks are bootlegs. To round out the legal terms, "Counterfeit" is an unauthorized issue that intends to look exactly like the original legitimate issue, often intended to fool the purchaser to think they are buying a legit original.

ProperBox, by the way, is one of the companies which are doubly pirates because they are not only reissueing original issued recordings, they are sourcing much of their work from recent re-masterings from other companies such as Naxos, DirectSource. JSP, Documents, and even the major labels. That's why their boxes are so cheap.

Mike Biel mbiel@xxxxxxxxx

> Not JSP, which is doing a complete edition of the commercial (studio)
> recordings in multiple 4 or 5-cd volumes. Don't think JSP includes live
> recordings????
> The recent SonyBMG (UK) 3-cd may have some live cuts - iirc from previous
> posts. Wonder if
> they are "testing the waters" with that series?
> Thanks, Thomas.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Don Cox
> Hello Thomas
> On 01/04/2009, Thomas Stern wrote:
>> A while ago, there was discussion of a cheap box set
>> of Fats Waller broadcasts.
>> Does someone have the label/catalog number handy?
>> Is there documentation included in the set or online?
>> Thanks!
>> Best wishes, Thomas.
> Are you thinking of the 2-disc set called "Complete Associated Transcription
> Session
> 1935-1939" ?
> This is on the Storyville label.
> Naxos have a pair of separate CDs of transcriptions, but their discs lack
> alternate takes.
> Regards
> --
> Don Cox
> doncox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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