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Re: [ARSCLIST] Re print-thru - tails out

--- On Thu, 4/2/09, Goran Finnberg <mastering@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> If the tape has country laning due to bad slitting,
> American tapes
> Ampex/Scotch, then the actual tape pack is much worse than
> using German
> tape, AGFA/BASF, which do not exhibit country laning using
> precision
> slitting machines because of the use of AEG hubs by the
> Germans on their
> tape recorders with no top flange and thus using American
> tapes means
> instant disaster on such equipped tape machines.

I've been told by at least one person who worked at 
Ampex that one of the reasons that German made tapes
don't "ride up" on the tape pack (and therefore don't
require a top reel flange) is that the oxide side isn't
as highly polished as is common with American brands.
The rougher surface traps less air, so the wrap settles
down immediately without floating above the previous
wrap.  It's that floating that is the major cause of
tape not packing evenly on fast wind.  I'm no expert
on this, just passing on something that is taken as
common knowledge in some circles.


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