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Re: [ARSCLIST] Re print-thru - tails out

Short story, but ON topic...
Back in the early '50s as a college student I worked at a local record  
store, selling, but mostly doing sorting and storage, in the back of the  store.  
One day, while sorting a box of new releases, I overheard a  conversation at 
the sales counter.  A woman was bringing back a 'defective'  45 she'd purchased 
a few days before.  It was the store's practice to  audition the disc before 
exchanging it....to check for customer abuse of the  disc or whatever.  The 
clerk put the 45 on the store's turntable, and  played the first few measures.  
>From in the back I knew instantly what the  'defect' was and I rushed up to 
tell the manager to exchange the disc.  I  went to the bin and gave the woman a 
replacement, which we first auditioned to  make sure.  She left, happy, and I 
took the 'defective' 45 and leaped back  to the bin.  Yes, there was another!  
So I bought them both.
The disc was the popular London recording of Frank Chacksfield's "Ebb  Tide", 
but on THIS recording, the tide went OUT, and the seagulls went "Wak,  wak", 
and the music sounded like a pipe organ, sort of.  IT WAS EBB TIDE  RECORDED 
BACKWARDS!  A tired engineer at a US pressing plant with no ear  for music had 
evidently grabbed the master reel and cut the master disc, without  noticing 
what was going onto the master. He'd forgotten to rewind the  tape!   I have 
two copies of the 'defective' record to prove it!
Don Chichester
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