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Re: [ARSCLIST] 1937 shellac test pressing outperforms audio CD

On Thursday, April 02, 2009 11:10 AM, Michael Biel wrote:

> But they could be harmonic ringing of the mechanics of the cutter 
> head--the other mechanical device in the chain.  You have to 
> consider the source feeding the recording head--the microphones 
> and amplifiers.

Indeed!  I'm hitting the drawing board looking for a ringing coil 
somewhere (mic, cutter, or cartridge).  Time for me to double check 
*everything*.  I've heard that the Westrex cutters were more prone 
to ringing than the Neumanns, but I don't know what cutters were in 
use at RCA in 1937.

There are some new bits in my playback chain - time to shake things
out yet some more.

> While you are at it, I'd like to see what you measusre on Western 
> Electrtic Wide Range Vertical Recordings such as used by World, 
> Associated, and Muzak.

Me, too!  I don't have any such recordings to test with at the 
moment, though.

> There is evidence that Victor "dumbed down" their recordings, 
> so it is important that you have access to those test pressings 
> which might not have been compromised.  But maybe some of the 
> things Victor was polishing off were cutter-head transient 
> ringings.

Very interesting bit of history, that.

Thanks for all the great feedback.

Eric Jacobs

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