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Re: [ARSCLIST] Re print-thru - tails out

At 11:56 AM 2009-04-03, Lou Judson wrote:
Turning over the tape means half track mono or quarter track stereo,
and ther eis no way to leave both "sides" tails out!
For Melodie, FYI, this means there are four tracks on the same
phyical side of the tape, and bu flipping the reels it records on a
different pair of tracks - it is NOT coated on both sides, we just
cal them side one and sode two like a record. It is a consumer, home
method of recording more sound on half the tape...

Hi, Lou and Melodie,

I think I pointed to a post where I described sides in greater detail, but to get the entire picture (or as much of it as I've had time to set down in bits), I think these two pages might help Melodie:
(talks about sides and edges and A and B wind)
(has a diagram--click to enlarge--of most of the 1/4-inch track formats and some notes
on their use)



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