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Re: [ARSCLIST] 1937 shellac test pressing outperforms audio CD

On Friday, April 03, 2009 9:34 AM, Richard L. Hess wrote:

> A few years later, someone -- I think it was published in 
> audio -- had taken a scanning electron microscope to these 
> very same CBS test records and, low and behold, there was 
> RINGING recorded in the grooves! I wish I could find that 
> article again!

Richard, thanks.  Funny, but last night I met someone who 
has her own scanning electron microscope (SEM) in her 
*garage* (only here in Silicon Valley).  It is an older 
SEM - about 15 years old, hence the size.  If it turns out 
that my cartridge is not ringing, then I very well may put 
the disc under an SEM.

I have most of the CBS test records.  Do you recall which
test track you observed the ringing upon?  Square wave 
perhaps?  I may have to put that test record under the SEM
and see if I can reproduce the test results of that 

Eric Jacobs

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fax: 408.549.9867
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