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Re: [ARSCLIST] Packburn 323A

Hello, Jan,

Coming at least from the tape perspective, using static filters to reduce constant noise takes out program with the same efficiency as it takes out noise.

In my opinion, the only benefit from static filtering occurs when you cut the high frequencies in the reproduction chain is when you cut highs that contain no program material, only channel noise. Once you use a filter to lower the bandwidth and you go into the audio, you're starting to kill the audio.

That is why there are dynamic smart filters that can remove some noises with varying degrees of effectiveness.

From my limited experience, the impulse noises are best removed with the Cedar DeClickl system, and I think the higher-end implementations of Algorithmix work reasonably well (the version in the Audio Restoration tools in Samplitude is the best mid-priced one I've seen so far for impulse noise, but for pro use, it probably pays to get the pro version).

I have Algorithmix Noise Free Pro for background noise removal and it's one of the best out there. Cedar is also good, but more expensive.

I think in both the Cedar and Algorithmix cases, you'll find that these are far more complex than what you're proposing and there is a reason.

I use the FFT filter to sharply tailor the bandwidth to program source when I'm attacking noise.

Remember, using bandwidth limiting should come AFTER you do impulse noise removal as the wider bandwidth is very useful for the impulse noise tool to differentiate between noise and program.

Of course, you should save widebandwidth, unprocessed copies of these transfers and only clean up access copies.

I really think the tools in the digital domain have the potential to do much better than the tools in the analog domain.



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