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[ARSCLIST] Just recorded two more reels of 60+ year old tape

I wish tape were made like this today -- well maybe not with the level/sensitivity issues.

I just recorded two more reels of Magnetophonband Typ L tape made circa 1944 in Germany. The stuff still works quite well and isn't falling apart. Of course, this homogeneous tape does have level/sensitivity issues varying all over the lot since the oxide didn't disperse as evenly as they had hoped, I think.

But it still recorded. I was making some demo tapes for a museum. I think these were the last two pancakes of NOS Magnetophonband Typ L around--at least of the people I know who have it.

I also think I may be the only person who has a machine aligned to record on this stuff <smile>. It was not fun convincing the Sony APR-5000 to align for this real old tape. Many controls are hard over--it wasn't on the radar when the machine was designed in the 1980s.

Oh, and it's 6.5 mm wide, not 6.35 mm!



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