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Re: [ARSCLIST] recent newsletter article

The picture of Spotts and I arguing a fine point of discography (hmm, yass), which I believe Steve Ramm shot (but it may have been taken by Cary Ginnell), was taken at the 2008 conference. It's one of my favorite photos and it shows my magnificent beardage. I'll attach a copy to a private email to you, Mike. Watch for it.


Michael Biel wrote:
Malcolm Rockwell wrote:
Yes, t'was me. You shoulda seen the beard I grew for the 2008 ARSC meeting at Stanford. I thought Biel would be there and worked hard on having more magnificent shrubbery than I thought he would! First time I met Mike and Steve Barr (at my first ARSC meeting in Madison, WI) we were immediately dubbed the Three Wise Guys, mostly because we were the only ones there in full facial regalia. I was intent on upstaging that.

I was telling Leah about the three of us after she saw that picture in the newsletter. Actually last year I had let my beard and hair grow real long as a practical joke for her because she had not seen me since we had done the interviews for her documentary the previous summer. We had not gotten around to recording MY interview, and I was going to record it while she would be on the phone and unable to see me. I figured she would freak out when she started the tape!!! Those of you who attend ARSC this May will see the out-take start of the interview with my shaggy self, and then I pretend to re-set the camera and sit down again with my hair and beard relatively neatly trimmed. (I was still shaggy when I was in the hospital after my heart incident, and I must have looked like a homeless tramp. I kept on explaining that this shaggy look was a practical joke . . . And I knew I HAD to survive to do that interview!)
It's getting into spring now and I'll be cutting it all off. I'll look almost academic.

It would have been interesting to compare our shaggy selves last year!! Maybe we'll take that picture of you and compare it with the shots of my shaggy personage and the shots of Steve Barr that we took for the documentary. Anybody have the stills that were taken of the three of us in Madison? Maybe Steve Ramm? I'll try to check the viedotapes of that conference and see if we had someone use my camera while the three of us posed. And I wonder if Leah got any shots of you at Stanford last year.

Mike Biel mbiel@xxxxxxxxx

Jack Palmer wrote:
Was that you behind that beard? It has been several years since we last met and you seem to have grown extra facial hair since then! Nice article and photo though. Jack Palmer

From: "Malcolm Rockwell" <malcolm@xxxxxxxxxx>

I just received the ARSC Newsletter (No. 119 - Winter 2009) to find that an interview I'd done and forgotten about was featured as a 2 page center spread. Boy, was I surprised. It makes me sound pretty strange (hey, I'm a record collector... I are supposed to be strange).
But I think I come off sounding like a wiseass, albeit unintentionally.
I'll watch my wording more closely in the future!
Good picture, though.
Thanks for the mention.
Malcolm Rockwell

PS - I'm certainly not forgetting the award ARSC gave me for excellence in historic sound research for 2008. From the heart, thanks to all of you for your continued support! MR

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