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[ARSCLIST] What Would Woody Do? Restoration and Recession

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ARSC New York Chapter
April 2009 Meeting


Thursday, 4/16/09
at the Archive of Contemporary Music
54 White St., Tribeca, New York
(Take the 1 to Franklin St; A,C,E to Canal St; or the N,Q,R,W to Canal St)
>From 7pm to 9pm – doors (and refreshments) at 6:30

The great Woody Guthrie was no stranger to financial hard times.  As a
young man during the Great Depression and the great Dust Bowl of the
1930s, he had to invent new ways of making ends meet through his

Fast forward to 2009:  The economy is in the dumps, the music business
as we know it appears to be on the brink of extinction, and libraries
and archives worldwide are struggling with ever-shrinking budgets.
Might we find comfort in those bygone Great Depression songs?  Are we
on the threshold of something new?

Perhaps.  Archivists HILLEL ARNOLD and TIFFANY LOISELLE will talk
about audio treasures in the Woody Guthrie Archives (including the
Grammy-winning 1949 wires), and mastering and restoration engineer
STEVE ROSENTHAL of The Magic Shop will talk about new partnerships and
delivery systems for restoration projects in these tough times.  All
the while, our host the ARChive of Contemporary Music is having a
banner year, as it receives recordings which would otherwise find
themselves in dumpsters.

We hope you will join us for these inspiring presentations!

A three-time Grammy winner, STEVE ROSENTHAL is the owner of The Magic
Shop recording studio in Soho, where since 1988 he has recorded
artists from The Ramones to Lou Reed to Coldplay. The Magic Shop
houses The Blue Room, a facility for high quality audio restoration
and analog to digital transfer.  Recent projects there include the
reissues of the Jelly Roll Morton Library of Congress Recordings, The
Sam Cooke Collection, Frank Sinatra at the Sands, and The John
Phillips Archive. http://www.magicshopny.com/

Since 2007, TIFFANY LOISELLE has been the Archivist at the Woody
Guthrie Archives, where she oversees all daily activities including
researcher requests, image licensing, and collection maintenance.  She
also oversees new initiatives, such as reformatting and digitization
projects aimed at ensuring that researchers can access all materials
held by the Archives.
A graduate of NYU’s Archival Management Program, HILLEL ARNOLD
currently works at the Tamiment Library/Robert F. Wagner Labor
Archive. During 2005-2007 he also worked as the Archives Assistant at
the Woody Guthrie Archives, where he assisted with the Grammy-award
winning album The Live Wire: Woody Guthrie in Performance 1949.

Founded in 1986 by B. George and David Wheeler (1957-1997), the
ARChive of Contemporary Music holds over 2 million sound recordings,
making it the largest popular music collection in the United States.
The ARChive collects, preserves and provides information on the
popular music of all cultures and races throughout the world from 1950
to the present. http://www.arcmusic.org

All ARSC NY Chapter meetings are free and open to the public.

To join the Association for Recorded Sound Collections, please visit

Marcos Sueiro Bal
Audio Engineer

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