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Re: [ARSCLIST] Who is accepting old record collections?

On your website, you have a section on the Keith Richards blues collection. Below the text about the Robert Johnson 78, you have a tiny gallery of blues album covers. Question -- how can one "read" these covers and thus explore the albums when the pictures are such tiny thumbnails? My monitor is a typical high-resolution PC monitor, nothing super-fine. Normal desktop icons are normal sized, so I believe the tiny image sizes originate at the website. Perhaps it would be good to simply list the album titles, and better yet to state which are still in print and available on CD.

-- Tom Fine

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uh - we know. He was a pal and this is honorific. His advice was not given lightly. Our very first Board member was John Hammond, and we left him on letterhead for a year. B.

ARChive of Contemporary Music
54 White Street
New York City, 10013

3 blocks South of Canal between Church + Broadway
Take the #1 train to Franklin St, or any train to Canal

tel : 212-226-6967

e : arcmusic@xxxxxxxx


blog: http://arcmusic.wordpress.com

The NYMIA (New York Musicians Index and Archive)
is iavailable for NY based musicians and
music related businesses to join and anyone to search.
We hope it will be useful.  Tell your friends.


On Apr 8, 2009, at 11:52 AM, Ben Torre wrote:

At 10:45 AM 4/8/2009, you wrote:
Members of the Board of Advisors are: David Bowie, Jellybean Benitez, Jonathan Demme, Ellie Greenwich, Jerry Leiber, Youssou N'Dour,
Lou Reed, Keith Richards, Nile Rodgers, Todd Rundgren, Fred Schneider, Martin Scorsese, Paul Simon, Mike Stoller and Jerry Wexler

Wexler passed in 2008.... think you will have a tough time getting his advice!

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