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Re: [ARSCLIST] Who is accepting old record collections?

Tom - Thanks for the note. Those thumbnail covers once linked to a larger image, so I don't know what happened. I'll try and get fixed this weekend. We do archival scans, as this is a major use by the record companies of our collection (we are currently working on Verve reissues, and just finished 900 scans for the new Grammy Hall of Fame and Museum in LA), so hi-res copies of all of these covers are preserved. Its not your monitor.

Our goal is to use this new partnership with Columbia to mount our entire catalog. I will be presenting a version, and I hope not vaporware, at the ARSC confab in DC in May. We'll start with the 50,000 world music recordings, and then mount another 1/2 million LPs + CDs. I want to offer useful metadata, displayed in one line of text, all the data on one screen. This will be available free to all, the whole list easily downloadable. We catalog about 300 recordings a day here. Eventually the whole library will be online.



On your website, you have a section on the Keith Richards blues collection. Below the text about the Robert Johnson 78, you have a tiny gallery of blues album covers. Question -- how can one "read" these covers and thus explore the albums when the pictures are such tiny thumbnails? My monitor is a typical high-resolution PC monitor, nothing super-fine. Normal desktop icons are normal sized, so I believe the tiny image sizes originate at the website. Perhaps it would be good to simply list the album titles, and better yet to state which are still in print and available on CD.

-- Tom Fine

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