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[ARSCLIST] PreRecorded Tape Duplicators

I've been collecting prerecorded reel to reel tapes (classical and jazz) for a while now and while myself and a few of my fellow enthusiasts have found a good deal of information regarding the titles that were sold, we don't know very much about the duplicating facilities that made them. There are scattered accounts of the Ampex factory such as the one on Mr. Hess's site which I found very interesting. But I've never seen any documentation of RCA, Capital, Columbia (and the other monikers their tapes were sold under), Stereotape (which I believe began as Bell and Howell and was latter to become Magtec) not to mention all the smaller operations.
The information I'm seeking is more of the nuts and bolts such as years of operation, tape production, any details regarding their duplication lines (duping speeds, tape stock used) and what labels they produced these tapes for.
I do need to pose the question to the gentlemen on the Ampex list for more details on their operation but I'm concentrating on the early 2 track releases first since finding first hand accounts regarding these will become less and less likely as time marches on.
Thanks in advance for any information regarding these tapes even if it's only a lead.
Steve Koto

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