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[ARSCLIST] Alan Kelly's Catalogues - re-ordered

Hi, If any of you are interested in Alan Kelly's Catalogues of the
registers of the Gramophone Company you may find of interest a version that
I have made of the Main German Catalogue with the recordings listed in
alphabetical order of composer (like WERM) - with Alan's support and
approval. I have also added some "clickable" indexes. This should make it
easier to answer such questions as what recordings did the German branch of
The Gramophone issue of any particular work? I have also made re-ordered
versions of the main Italian and French Catalogues, but I have not had time
to index them, so the user will have to work a little harder to retrieve
One problem that I found when indexing the German Catalogue was that
frequently only the surnames of the composers were given which sometimes
made it difficult to decide if one surname referred to just one composer or
several. I have identified many of such composers, but there are still a
lot unidentified. If any one can identify any of the un-identified composer
please e-mail the details with (if possible) the
A link to the re-ordered catalogues may be found on the OPERADIS website
(URL below or GOOGLE for Operadis) Best wishes Brian Capon


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