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Re: [ARSCLIST] network attached storage for a small studio

Hi, Tom,

I would suggest that you run a Thecus N5200PRO with four Samsung 1 TB drives in RAID6 that will give you 2 TB and the ability to lose two drives without losing data. The fifth slot could be used for a fifth drive to give you 3 TB of capacity later. www.thecus.com

I still think you're better off with two RAID5 boxes--at least in different ends of the house if not in different buildings. To do that, I'd add ViceVersa Pro from www.tgrmn.com to manage the mirroring.

The Thecus NAS boxes are less costly than the Negear ReadyNAS NV+ that I also have and faster. I use GigE between the NAS and the DAW, though since I ingest 16T at times, I would rather ingest to a 750GB drive in the DAW and then run stuff off to the NAS. I have ingested to the NAS without problems for stereo work--and 16T would probably work as well, but I haven't tested it.

The advantage of this or the Netgear, is I can answer questions for you from first hand experience <smile>.



At 09:42 AM 2009-04-14, you wrote:
Hi All:

I'm seeking recommendations for a network attached storage device that requires little or no IT skills and can plug and play to back up the DAW and storage drives of a small studio (mine). 2TB total storage desired, preferably mirrored in a RAID. The key features desired are reliability and little or no IT skills required. I also need this thing "smart" enough to not start doing some disc-intensive job while I'm in the middle of a transfer or burning optical media. Something that uses off-the-shelf hard drives would be great, for inexpensive maintenance over time. Backup software should be robust enough to do good error-checking and verification.

Windows XP Pro is used throughout the network, so the device should be 100% compatible.

Recommendations/experience reports most appreciated and thanks in advance.

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