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Re: [ARSCLIST] transfer engineers


Are you sure the reels are actually 14"? To the best of my knowledge, Otari never made an analog recorder that would take anything over 12 1/2" reels.

To the best of my knowledge, the only analog machines that can accept 14" reels are the Ampex ATR100 series, the older MM-1100/1200 series, MCI/Sony JH series, and the Studer A820/827 machines.

Most of the 8 track 1/2" machines I've dealt with will only accept reels up to 10 1/2"

Many of the DASH format recorder used 14" reels, so you might want to double-check that they are actually analog and not digital.

Scott D. Smith
*Chicago Audio Works, Inc.*

Malcolm Rockwell wrote:
I have a little project that requires 14" reel capability for both 1/2 " and 1/4" tape. The 1/2" tape is 8-track and was recorded on an Atari (but it could be an Otari). The client would like both transferred into the digital domain.
A pro operation on the West Coast or, more preferably, in Hawaii would be optimum.
Mal Rockwell

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