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Re: [ARSCLIST] Protecting LPs thru the mail

Hi Tyra, 

I suggest avoiding paper-based mailers is this is a program that will be ongoing. 
It's one thing to ship an LP to a client you're never going to hear from again, but 
sending things back and forth on a regular basis using cardboard mailers is waste 
of paper, and money. Both kinds of green. (It works for Netflix because Netflix 
has the luxury of using thin papers for this purpose, rather than cardboard.) 

Does anyone know if there is a reusable - maybe plastic? - option for this purpose? 
Maybe your preservation folks can create something reusable over multiple loans.. 


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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Protecting LPs thru the mail 

I'm looking for advice for packaging and mailing LPs---our Music Library 
has decided to start lending selected LPs via Interlibrary loan---to the 
extent possible, I want to minimize risk of damage or loss. I'd 
appreciate advice regarding safe packaging and mailing including sources 
for purchasing mailers (if these exist). 
Tyra Grant 

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