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Re: [ARSCLIST] Protecting LPs thru the mail

I recommend a 12" square of bubblewrap on each side of the cardboard-LP "sandwich", too. This is standard operating practice for Mosaic Records and I've never received damaged goods from them.

Actually, you may learn alot if you call up Mosaic and Acoustic Sounds (phone numbers are all over their websites). Explain you'd like tips from their shipping department and they are both small enough operations that you will likely get right to the man or woman who is packing records that very day.

My experience is that the USPS is less destructive than UPS and other shippers. The only reason I can think of is that an LP package sent Media Mail via the USPS is not likely piled on with big and heavy stuff, more likely small lighter stuff that typically travels thru the postal system. A UPS loading dock is pretty merciless on flimsy packaging.

-- Tom Fine

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We use standard LP boxes that are used by the industry to send us new  releases.
They hold 1-3 discs
We have hundreds of these from over the years.

As suggested bags has them.
Try U-Line.com - my guess is cheaper, box # S-167
The standard Weyerhaeuser box is RM50-203

We place each LP in a plastic sleeve, and use 2 sheets of flat 12" sq cardboard, inside the box, in front and back of the LP.

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