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[ARSCLIST] Good industrial-strength LP cartridge for spoken-word material

A friend of mine has a really nice collection of spoken-word LPs he wants to get into his iPod for easier access. He's got a decent transfer setup, certainly of higher fidelity than most of these recordings. I got him set up with Technics SL1200 MK2 turntable. Now we're wondering about the best cartridge for the job. I was thinking something like a Shure M44 decendent, mainly because it's low-cost but effective and again will have better fidelity than most of these records. We were also thinking maybe a Stanton 500 or 720. Given that some of these records were really bad pressings (think limit-release stuff, very interesting content but very low-grade production and pressing), trackability would be a plus. Most of the LPs are in decent, good or excellent condition so the cartridge won't confront a tracking minefield in almost all cases. The tough cases, I told him we'd sort them out at my studio.

So, the goal here is a low-cost but good quality cartridge that tracks loyally and isn't finicky and is durable enough to give him a good run for the money. Recommendations appreciated.

-- Tom Fine

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