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Re: [ARSCLIST] Cassette project

----- Original Message ----- From: "Frank Strauss" <fbsdmd@xxxxxxxxx>
Hello all-I attended a workshop this weekend at which someone played a
cassette on a boom box that that they had made in the early 1980's. The
cassette was a copy of the original, and sounded decent. The contents of the
cassette include about 45 minutes of an informal conversation (along with
some drumming examples done on a practice pad), with a man who changed the
world of Celtic style drumming, named Alec Duthart. A few years after this
session Alec was marching in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, had a
massive heart attack and died. The information on the cassette is quite
stunning for those of us interested in Celtic drumming, and begs to be
preserved. I suggested to the man who made the recording that he guard the
original with his life and don't play it or the dub again. Is there someone
on this list who practices their craft in the great northeast (NY-New
England) who would tackle the job of preserving the information on this
cassette? The man who made the cassette is now worried about delivering the
cassette, and wishes to try to do it by hand. The question was also raised
of ownership of the cassette contents. The man who made the recording also
owns the cassette. The recording was informal. I suggested that the man
who made the recording owns the rights to it, and should copyright it. Am I
giving him good advice? Ping me off list, if you wish. Thanks.

Actually, this transfer is very easily done...

1) Drop by your local $1 store and pick up a "dual RCA plug(s) to mini-
phone plug" adapter cable...!

2) Connect the two RCA plugs with the "Line Out" jacks of the
cassette deck...then...

3) Plug the mini-phone plug into the "Line In" jack on your computer
sound card!

You can now save the cassette's audio content on your computer...
the formats depend on which audio applications are installed on
your computer...! You can also find and download applications
which allow a fairly complete set of sound-file format conversion
and/or storage...!

In fact, I own about 200 (+/-) audio cassette recordings of
my blues band of the later eighties...and I NEED to convert
these to computer files as above...!!

Steven C. Barr

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