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[ARSCLIST] Record Store Day 4-18-09

Hi all,

We very much enjoyed the second annual Record Store Day last Saturday.  
This time we headed north to the Grand Rapids area, sporting two participating 
stores.  Lots of vinyl at both locations, new and old.  I stocked up on 
Ramsy Lewis piano jazz from the late 1950's/early 1960's, missed the first time 

The Corner Record Shop boasted vintage-audio repair and sales/display 
rooms, including the most old Ampex reel to reels I've seen together in a long 
time.  Vertigo Music had a more festive, gallery-like atmosphere.  Both were 
busy and full of people, mostly a lot younger than me (67)!

I've posted a number of pics at:


Jim Long
Baroda, MI

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