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[ARSCLIST] Shelf stack (box) archiving of 10" 78rpm disks


Does anyone have recommendations for deep archive storage (on pallets and then on pallet racking) for "archive box" type cardboard boxes for 10" records ? This "archive box" is preferred as it is more weight manageable and easier to remove if any accession is required.

Have seen something after a lot of searching here: http://www.downstairsrecords.com/accessories/ but other views welcomed as well as any non US suppliers as we are based in Europe. (Shipping some pallets from the USA in a month or so's time, so that's always an option also).

Many thanks, Darren

¦ D P Ingram ¦ Ab Ingram Oy ¦
¦ darren at ingram.fi ¦ www.ingram.fi ¦
¦ +358 6 781 0275 (FIN) ¦ +46 8 5511 4995 (SWE) ¦ +44 203 014 3839 (UK) ¦
¦ extn 8001

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