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[ARSCLIST] Eccentricity of LP's / spindle hole or OD?

Hi all,

I'm one of those audiophiles, 67 years of age, that wonders about the effect of the accuracy of the center hole. Some of the LPs I put on the TT have play due to a center hole that's punched out of round, too large or what ever.

I'm playing a record on a Denon 308 direct drive table using a system devised by a LJT Mfg in Canada to reduce eccentricity and help flatten warped records using a peripheral ring clamp in conjunction with a 1420 gram spindle clamp. The trio comes along with a cnc machined polycarbonate centering disc that straddles the record after the clamp ring is set registering on the outside diameter of the record. I can feel play regarding the center hole as I implement the OD centering device. I'll measure it tomorrow, just a few thousandths. The music sounds fine to my ears but I wonder what the relationship is to the record grooves, the outside diameter, and the center hole.

A while back a TT was made that had an extra arm that MEASURED THE ECCENTRICITY of the record and re centered the disc for play, it sells for big bucks if you can find one.

FINALLY, Your thoughts on the question?

regards, Ken Fritz

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