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Re: [ARSCLIST] Shelf stack (box) archiving of 10" 78rpm disks

----- Original Message ----- From: "D P Ingram" <darren@xxxxxxxxx>
Does anyone have recommendations for deep archive storage (on pallets and then on pallet racking) for "archive box" type cardboard boxes for 10" records ? This "archive box" is preferred as it is more weight manageable and easier to remove if any accession is required.

Have seen something after a lot of searching here: http://www.downstairsrecords.com/accessories/ but other views welcomed as well as any non US suppliers as we are based in Europe. (Shipping some pallets from the USA in a month or so's time, so that's always an option also).

My half-vast 78 accumulation (c. 54,000 records) is stored in "milk boxes"...the
heavy plastic crates used to transport milk to grocery stores and such. These
are in turn stacked on "pallets" (I need more of those, BTW) in case any water
appears on the basement floors...this provides about 6" of dry space below
the bottom layer of milk boxes!

These are easily stackable (note they exist in two DIFFERENT sizes!) for both
storage and shipping...the one noticeable shortcoming is that the bottom of
newer milk boxes often gives way (groups of 78's are cylindrical and milk-box
bottoms are flat...!!).

I was lucky enough to be given around 200 fiberglas milk boxes by a variety-
store proprietor who had been stuck with them when the size was changed
by the dairy industry (the idea was to make them too small for LP albums
in jackets and thus lessen their theft...?!). These are essentially unbreakable...!!

Steven C. Barr

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