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Re: [ARSCLIST] Key Signatures

The the first few significant bars and "big tunes" are printed in three books (at least) that are readilly available. They are

Barlow & Morgenstern. A Dictionary of Vocal Themes" (mostly classical). This may hve appeared earlier under another name. There are empty blank staves for well-known compositions where the authors couldn't get copyright clearence.

Barlow & Morgentern. A Dictionary of Musical Themes:;10,000 themes. This covers overtures, ballets, etc.

I forget and can't find it right now the one with Symphony Themes. It's much less useful than the first two. I use miniature scores for these. Much of this can now be found on line.

I have a copy of the first booke by each turntable- home and studio, along with a pitch-pipe.

As to identifying a theme by stating its key, at the least it involves counting the number of sharps or flats and knowing major from minor. There should be may aids on the internet for this purpose.

Pop music. I've never seen one. Since the "rules" about transposition are far more lax than for classical music, whrer "everyone transposed except my favorite singer", and copyright clearances would be a bear- or, rather, the world population of bears, it iseems an unlikely prospect. Unless, of course, someone does this for one of the audio and/or video infringement sites. However, there is a plethora of sheet-music images on line, most of which include the fisrt page of the music as well as the covers. Matt Jaro tells me he will be touching on this cosmos in his forthcoming ARSC talk.

Steve Smolian

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Is there a website listing key signatures for common operatic arias?

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