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[ARSCLIST] Minstrel Records & Liberty Music Shop -- Lists Available

Several years ago I published a list of all the American minstrel
records issued prior to 1930.  The booklet was pretty complete; but
since publication, additional recordings have come to light, and I have
just printed a revised (and presumably final) edition.

The new 30-page booklet lists disk and cylinder records by ARC/Busy Bee,
Berliner, Columbia, Edison, Everlasting, Indestructible, Leeds, Little
Wonder, North American, Victor/Monarch, Zon-o-phone, and a few
miscellaneous labels.  Copies are available at cost -- two dollars,
including postage.

Also I've updated my complete list of Liberty Music Shop records, with
the addition of matrix numbers and recording dates that were not
availble when the booklet was first published.  That one is two dollars

Jack Raymond
3713 George Mason Drive #1714
Falls Church, VA  22041

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