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Re: [ARSCLIST] Losing New Master Recordings

The Unsane album I worked on was definitely analog, and for good reason.
The previous year they had made their first album for Circuit Records, a
small indie based in New Jersey. Circuit went under before their album
was released, and as the Circuit guy didn't want Unsane to release the
recording he had paid for with another company, he destroyed the DAT
master; all the band got out of the project were two vinyl test

So the album was recorded at Wharton Tiers on 8-track and mastered to
2-track open reel; the digital master for CD was produced from the
2-track. I'm not saying that this was necessarily Matador's working
method in every release they did, even in 1991. But once you get down to
the level of individual projects there can be a lot of variety,
especially with labels that have no in-house recording facilities -- and
most don't.

David N. "Uncle Dave" Lewis
Assistant Editor, Classical


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I don't recall that Matador ever claimed to issue analog-to-analog LP's.
Mission of Burma reissues notwithstanding, since that was a clearly a
project. (Documented here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW-ZIi6149A ) 

In fact, i can only think of a handful of new rock records in the last
10 years 
that claimed to be AAA (none of which were Matador): 

1. Low "Things We Lost in the Fire" (Kranky, 2001) * 
2. Low "Trust" (Kranky, 2002) 
3. Any number of Shellac LP's (the band, Shellac) 

* No, the irony of that title is not lost on me. 

Bummer about those Yo La Tengo titles though, those are easily my two


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At 10:56 AM 2009-04-24, David Seubert wrote: 
>So they have to remaster/remix the original multitrack 
>masters? Is that how this works? 

They would remix from the multi-tracks (which can be a long and 
expensive process) and then remaster (which is not inexpensive). 

>I can loan them my Yo La Tengo CDs if they really need something to 
>make LPs from... 

The all-analogue folks wouldn't buy that. The only analog-to-analog 
copies I've done have been for an outfit like this that was offering 
vinyl--no digital allowed. 


>>On Fri, 2009-04-24 at 09:06 -0500, Dave Lewis wrote: 
>>>The tradition continues.... 

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