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[ARSCLIST] Looking for Roxy's Gang/Roxy Radio Hour sources

First and foremost, I would like to say hello to the list-- I just joined and going through the archive, I see that there's a lot of interesting discussion on this list with a lot of like-minded people.

I'm currently looking for more-than-general information and even holdings on existing "Roxy's Gang" and "The Roxy Hour" radio shows that were broadcast from the various "Roxy" Rothapfel theaters in the late '20s and early '30s.  I'm working on a number of projects where transcriptions of the shows would be most helpful.  Unfortunately, the collector channels have turned up nothing: in fact, no one seems to even remember this nationally broadcasted show!

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to further informative discussions on this list.

Jack Theakston

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