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Re: [ARSCLIST] Record Store Day 4-18-09

FYI: If you're talking about the 45 on Columbia, those songs are 
also/already available on "Live In London" (2008). 


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Roger and Allison Kulp wrote: 
> The store that hosted Record Store Day in 2008,is no longer in existence,having been closed for piracy. 

I'd like to hear that story! 
> The one that had it this year,did not get the giveaway Stooges,Bad Religion,or MC5 45s I went for. 

They weren't give-aways. They were probably about eight bucks. All the 
ones Leah saw were like that, but she says that she also looked for 
these three and the she was in didn't have them either. I had asked her 
for the Dylan and Leonard Cohen, and she did see these, but didn't get 
them for the price she thought was too high. 

On our way thru Lexington this afternoon coming back from Cinc we had 20 
munutes in our Lexington store, CD Central and got a T-shirt and two 
canvass tote bags with Record Store Day logos . AND about 40 LPs for 50 
cents each from the 8 or 10 crates left over from last week. We had 
also bought about the same amount of LPs at Half Price Books right next 
to the convention hotel before leaving Cinc. And don't ask about the 
DVDs we got there and at the convention. We also got oodles of 78s at 
the Wayne NJ Music Machines show last weekend. 

> Yeah it pretty much sucks here in Albuquerque.Maybe by this time next year,I might be able to move. 
> Roger 
As Bugs Bunny used to say, ya' shoulda taken a left turn at Albuquerque. 

Mike Biel mbiel@xxxxxxxxx 

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> Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2009, 5:38 PM 
> From: Jim Long <JJimLong@xxxxxx> 
>> We very much enjoyed the second annual Record Store Day last Saturday. 
>> we headed north to the Grand Rapids area, sporting two participating 
>> stores. Lots of vinyl at both locations, new and old.The Corner Record 
>> Shop boasted vintage-audio repair and sales/display rooms, Vertigo Music 
>> had a more festive, gallery-like atmosphere. Both were busy and full 
>> of people, mostly a lot younger than me (67)! 
> The pictures were great. It seemed like an interesting contrast in the 
> two places, because it seemed at The Corner Record Shop it started out 
> as mainly a couple of old folks like us and just a couple of kids, but 
> at Vertigo it was mobbed with kids -- and the kids were interested in 
> vinyl. (I was interested in that blond!) 
> As a comment about your comment about the cell phone being "essential 
> for the younger generation". For me having a cellphone with my daughter 
> at the other end at her computer is what is essential when record, DVD, 
> or book shopping. We often call each other when we are out shopping for 
> us to check the web if what we are finding is a good deal, or if we can 
> get it from an Amazon dealer or other on-line source for less. We're 
> often at a loss when the other one is not at home! But when the two of 
> us are together when we are shopping -- watch out!!! As I've mentioned 
> before, the two of us are quite a team at one of those swap sessions or 
> archive disposal sales such as happens occasionally at ARSC conferences. 
> Those venues usually don't have the type of items or prices that require 
> computer checks -- they just require SPEED-of-the-grab, and protection 
> of your pile(s)! 
> Actually Leah was at Newbury Comics in Boston for Record Store Day and 
> she reports that there were no bargains to be had. Even the vinyl that 
> was 20% off was originally priced too high. Boston has a rep as an 
> audiophile city, so the customers were buying the higher-end type of 
> vinyl. We go for the dollar stuff. All the special vinyl issues for 
> the event were high priced with the purpose of creating instant 
> collectors items with a high base-price rather than trying to promote 
> the use of vinyl by current artists for modern release. Although she 
> went with the purpose of buying some certain releases we had heard about 
> but the were not worth the price. So she ended up buying no records, 
> just a DVD box and a pin, and picking up the freebie CD samplers and 
> some old posters. She was astonished that there were no promotional 
> items for sale or free promoting Record Store Day. Marketing seems to 
> not be the strong suit of these people -- no wonder record stores are 
> failing. On the other hand, one of our two Lexington, Kentucky stores 
> did do some good promotions and we see on their postings that they still 
> have some of the canvas tote bags they printed up promoting the day, and 
> we'll stop by on Sunday on the way home from the Cincinnati Old Time 
> Radio convention and see if we can get a couple, and go thru what is 
> left of their dollar vinyl and CDs. 
> Mike Biel mbiel@xxxxxxxxx 

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