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Re: [ARSCLIST] Record Store Day 4-18-09

From: Michael Biel <mbiel@xxxxxxxxx>
As a comment about your comment about the cell phone being "essential for the younger generation". For me having a cellphone with my daughter at the other end at her computer is what is essential when record, DVD, or book shopping. We often call each other when we are out shopping for us to check the web if what we are finding is a good deal, or if we can get it from an Amazon dealer or other on-line source for less. We're often at a loss when the other one is not at home!
Mike Biel mbiel@xxxxxxxxx

Leah and I did an interesting variation on this this weekend. There was a Half-Price Books next to the Cinc OTR convention hotel, and during an off-hour on Saturday we went there and bought oodles of stuff. Since we were both there together, we couldn't phone the other, but Leah has an I-pod with wireless web capability. The store wasn't equipped, but the hotel was. So before we went back to get more stuff on Sunday morning, we stopped at the hotel parking lot and looked up some things we had seen but didn't get. We found a bunch of dealers selling a Louie Armstrong 15 CD box set from a German pirate company for $9.98 plus $2.98 postage which had been priced at $29.95 at Half Price. Saved us almost 20 bucks. We have also gone over to the computers in Best Buy to look up things. Now if only the stores would have free wireless, it would be perfect -- for us, that is. (Don't worry, Half Price didn't suffer. We dropped over 200 bucks at that place.)

Mike (of course it means eating cat food for the next month) Biel mbiel@xxxxxxxxx

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