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[ARSCLIST] Rbt Parker, was PACKBURN 323A

We know he used the Orban 5-band equalizer to make phoney stereo.
Then he added reverb. While the "stereo" could be eliminated by combining
the channels, the reverb could not.

I believe he only used the Packburn.  The reason his transfers sound as
good as they do is because he only used source discs in E++ condition.



Date:    Tue, 28 Apr 2009 04:40:22 +0200
From:    Jan Myren <jamy@xxxxxxx>
Subject: PACKBURN 323A


Does anybody know if the late Robert Parker used other noise reduction
systems than the Packburn when he made that series of jazz re-issue
LP-records in the 80's?
Knows that he (maybe) used an Orban stereo spread among other =


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