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Re: [ARSCLIST] audio consultant


When I was at WHA Radio in the '70s, we did a lot of restoration work for the state Historical Society. There were at that time many talented engineers at the station capable of all that you desire. Marv Nonn is one of them that is still at the station, I believe. A chat with him might be a good starting point.

Bob Cham

Dear ARSC List,

I am working on a grant to preserve local radio programs made about and
during the Civil Rights period (1954-1975) and WW2.  I'm a moving image
archivist without a lot of knowledge of audio formats, analog audio
preservation and digital audio preservation so I'd like to hire someone
who is if we get the grant.  Could you direct me to anyone in the
Madison or Milwaukee, WI area that might be interested or knowledgeable
in this area?   Sincerely, Ann

Ann Wilkens

Media Archivist

Wisconsin Public Television

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