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Re: [ARSCLIST] Styli for playback of 78's

Hi Jan,

I think you have a good start with those three styli. My personal collection matches yours pretty closely. I have 2.0 mil to 4.0 mil in 0.5 mil steps. For me the 2.5 and 3.0 usually produce the best playback. I usually begin with one of those and listen. If the sound quality is less than satisfactory, moving up to the next size improves the quality more often than not. I have a separate cartridge and headshell for each stylus. For me the ease of changing cartridges is worth the small extra investment.


Bob Reilly
Pawling, NY
is a great "all round" styli that fits for most records....

Best regards

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Are there any of these tools available as part of a low price, end user,
sound edit software only, package?

Regards, JorgeF. (PGC) __,,,^..^,,,__


Dolby 430, Orban spreader, Japanese reverb, Packburn 303 - sometimes a heavily modified 103, with Dolby B decoding. Eventually, he also had CEDAR declick, decracle and dehiss.

Ted Kendall


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