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[ARSCLIST] Delirium in Hi Fi (was: wire recordings - archival storage)

Dave Lewis wrote:

The CD is on Basta. You'll love it -- there's only one person I've known
who didn't like it, and the fact that she didn't outed her as a wanna-be
fake hipster. (-; David N. "Uncle Dave" Lewis Assistant Editor, Classical

Of course I have the Columbia Adventures In Sound series LP of it, with the gold label. I've had it since 1962. I've never come across the original French issue of it. I urge EVERYONE to check out the samples of it here:


Because I figured that the people on this list might buy every available copy after hearing these samples, I just ordered a copy of the CD, which I have been meaning to get for years. Leah and I did include a section of it in our ARSC presentation a few years ago on the manipulation of recordings. Under his real name he did two other albums similar to it (but not as funny) Poppppppp, and Paris 1925. I see that the Basta people are listing THIS album under his real name instead of Elsa Popping and Her Pixieland Band. Perhaps because they are Dutch they don't get the pun on Hellsapopping?

Mike Biel mbiel@xxxxxxxxx

-----Original Message-----
From: Tracy Popp
Hi Mike,

Nope, no relation to Andre although I'm now intrigued about hearing
"Delirium In Hi-Fi". Thanks for the response! Tracy
Michael Biel <mbiel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Oh, and Tracy, you're not any relation to Andre Popp are you? He did some
wonderful things with tape recorders under the guise of Elsa Popping and Her
Pixieland Band in the 1956 award winning album Delirium In Hi-Fi.

Mike Biel mbiel@xxxxxxxxx

Tracy Popp
Graduate Student
Univ. of Illinois

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